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Daphon E20FL Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal
Daphon E20FL Flanger Guitar Effect PedalDaphon E20FL Flanger

Daphon E20FL Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal 


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Daphon E20FL Guitar Flanger effect pedal.The E20FL produces the classic flanger effect with thick stereo flanging and has a wide range of possible sounds from a subtle tremolo to an effect that seems to swirl you around. A flanger is must for any experimenting guitarist.

  1. Depth Knob
    Controls the depth of the flanger effect to give a more varied tone.
  2. Rate Knob
    Increases the rate at which the flanger effect repeats itself.
  3. Res Knob
    Determines the amount of internal feedback to increase the resonance frequency, giving a more intense flanger effect.

Pedal Information:

  • Suitable for Guitar and Bass
  • Runs on a 9v Battery that is included
  • Can also run on a 9v ac adapter (please check our store)
  • Single Input and Output (1/4" Jack)
  • Heavy duty metal casing
  • Rubber sole to prevent slipping

Although these pedals are designed for electric guitar, their analog design makes them compatible with most other electric instruments, including microphones.



  • Flange Flange


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