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Guitar Flexi-Capo Flanger FA-20
Guitar Flexi-Capo Flanger FA-20Guitar Flexi-Capo Flanger FA-20Guitar Flexi-Capo Flanger FA-20

Guitar Flexi-Capo Flanger FA-20 

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The next-generation capo for acoustic and electric guitars.
Create new open tunings for your guitar using the Flanger FA-20 Flexi-Capo. Each string can be independently re-tuned without affecting the others. Fits most fingerboards. Made of long-lasting, high quality materials.

● A creative capo fits almost all the guitar fingerboards.
● Supports various tuning changing without detune your guitar.
● An endure guitar capo made of high quality materials. Lasts for life.
● Help to tune each string of guitar without affecting other strings.
● Easy to play creative open chords.

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Guitar Flexi-Capo

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