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Joyo effect pedal,joyo pedals,JF-01-JF-12

Bundle 4pcs Guitar Effect pedals 


SKU: WJ013904

List price: $200.00  

Price: $88.00

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Bundle 4pcs Guitar Effect pedals


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01/01/2012, 02:16

"I just got the vintage od ,the delay,tremlo and flanger . Honestly cant find a single thing to complain about. Only took a 14 days to get here too. "


01/01/2012, 02:13

"Well, got all four pedals. One is a dud (no signal) so waiting for a solution there.

The Delay is very nice indeed. The repeats can be a wee bit pearcing depending on the amp eq as far as I'm concerned, but if it's being used for large/experimental effecting or subtle blanket delay or slapback it's very tasty.

The Ultimate Octave is a bloody fun one. Now I've never owned a fuzz before, but have heard and recorded plenty. This stacks up brilliantly with any of the ones I've heard including some of the $$boutique$$ jobbies. DGoes from a very warm fooooz to a rip your freaking head off freak out. Being able to turn the octave on and off seperatly is a great feature.

The American Sound is my fav so far. It's probably the nicest overdrve I'ved used. Granted I've not owned any upper market drives. Pretty much a danelectro daddy-o (use to be my fav years ago), and afew boss overdrives, but this one is niiiice. My current fool around setting is to give a smooth little drive to my clean channel. It plays virtually no tone suck, but it is so versitile. As for DI to PA, havn't tried, but from what I can hear I think it'd do the trick. Will try it soon.

THis is all very vague I know, but will post more thoughts when I've had a wee bit more time to play with them.

REALLLY want to get the British Sound sus'd out.

Over all, I've got my eye on quite a few of there other pedals as, as for the price, I'm sold. They're fecking great."

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